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Antwerp Calling


In celebration of the fact that I’m packing up my troubles in a large Pickfords van and moving to Belgium this week I figured why not post this new track by Antwerp. Sadly not actually from the continent, the London producer last appeared on this little corner of the internet back in October 2010 and now is back with a new 4 track EP on his own label, Noise Praise.

A magpie approach to production sees the EP range from washed out, comedown house on the EP’s title tack ‘A Permanent State of Jetlag‘ through to the cherry blossom electronica of ‘Light Beyond the Atmosphere‘, whilst the track we can share with, ‘Haab‘, heads off in a completely different direction altogether.

Sounding like a digital sandstorm in a middle eastern souk, Haab is an ecstatic rhythm for sufi dervishes to spin faster and faster to through the night until they hit the speed of enlightenment, all in all lovely stuff.

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Holy Ground Highlander!


Whilst cobwebs continue to gather around the corners of this blog life goes on in the outside world and the next release on Body Work is just 2 weeks away. Arriving courtesy of aashton & swift, the Brighton/Bristol duo have delivered an EP of house music aimed at both body & soul.

Complete with a remix from long time Fringe favourite Tronik Youth and being championed by the likes of Mighty Mouse, Sinden, The Magician, Horse Meat Disco & more, the whole EP is now streaming on Soundcloud with the aa-side, ‘Covenant’ being given away for free for mystifying reasons. Enjoy.

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Fragment fun times this Saturday


Despite the rain ruining all the fun lately at least there’s one good reason to hit the tile’s this weekend. The rum laden Fragment lads take over Dalston’s, The Alibi for another set-to-be-cracking-all-out-musical-journey this Saturday.

This month’s soiree features wiz-kid Rich Foe (Dollop), monthly resident tune hoarders Mad as Hell and the two kids behind all the fun, Real Close and Moman.

As always the whole night’s free with music from 9 till 3, but make sure you get down early as last month’s que reached Liverpool St.

More information over on FaceyB here.

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Test Match Is On The Radio


Released all the way back in January The 2 Bears debut album still sounds like a shoe in for any self respecting end of year list come December.

Now to cash in on the endless heatwave that we’re labouring under here in the UK one of the albums more laid back efforts ‘Warm & Easy’ gets its own video.

Filmed in Costa Rica and Nicaragua extra points go to all involved for using the Girl & Chocolate skate crews for the video as it was both a Girl deck and Chocolate wheels that made me the skater I was in my youth (a very shit often broken boned one that is).

Check it!

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Caught In The Act


The kings of sleazy disco In Flagranti are back with a new EP, ‘Interdisciplinary‘, stuffed like a transvestite’s pantys with a bulging package of remixes that take the original’s wayward, though almost spiritual, disco chuck it into the back of a van and do bad meaning good things to it.

Built around a Peter Gordon Love of Life Orchestra sample, my favourite mix has to be MODE’s which smooths out the edges, giving it a late night satin sheet quality that reeks of adulterous funk in expensive hotels. Check out the remix below and all the others (including the original) here.

Continuing the bounty In Flagranti have also just upped their July Mixtape for your listening pleasure, an hours worth of tracks from the likes of Don Cherry, Hiltmeyer Inc and their good selves.

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Driven Like The Snow


And he’s back. Triggering today’s intense Proustian moment are two new tracks from the much missed Whitey. Close my eyes and I could be back at The Mother Bar circa 2002, back aching from lugging 6 hours worth of vinyl around whilst the smell of sweat, mildew, rum and thick cloying cigarette smoke clogs my nasal passages. Good Fucking Times.

Pre-order the 7″ here and get the whole album here.


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New Sounds For New Beat


This Friday I will be taking the short walk to Dalston to play some records at New Beat which takes place at the recently relaunched Hysteria, alongside Punks Jump Up, Justin Faust, Lemmy Ashton and others. The original plan was to record a mix to help promote the night, but hey life has got in the way and free time has now become a commodity I vaguely recall enjoying at one point in the past.

Instead here’s a run down of five tracks/12″s that I am currently enjoying and most likely to play on Friday night.

Alan Hurst – “Parallel Sensations (Timothy J Fairplay vocal remix)”

Not out for a good few months but another sterling release from the Emotional Response label and another reason why Fairplay has become one of my favourite producers of late. This remix which features his own vocals essentially recasts the soundtrack sensation of Jason Letkiewicz’s Hurst alter ego in a grubby analogue strain not dissimilar to his work as half of Innergaze

FaltyDL – “Hard Courage”

Slipping out at the end of June on nice looking old skool Ninja sleeve after debuting on Ben UFO’s LWE mix earlier in the year, “Hard Courage” mainlines for the old hardcore sound via rattling drums and rave tinged keylines wrapped in thick low end.

Funkineven & Fatima – “Phoneline”

I write this in the confidence that Eglo will finally release this record this week as I have been waiting a very long time for them to get round to doing so. Undoubtedly a contender for one of the tracks of the year, my favourite Eglozoid and his labelmate go toe to toe on a endlessly flirtatious pop track that demands to be huge.

Parkway Rhythm – Midnite Special

Special test pressing of the next Parkway Records release arrived all the way from Sweden last week replete in authentic promo pool sleeve and complemented by a Parkway Records tshirt (as shown above) Midnite Special picks up where Working Girl left off, rewiring a vocal sample across three versions that all saunter along around 112bpm.

Omar S – S E X (Remixes)

FXHE can do little wrong at the moment and there’s not one remix on this record that doesn’t work in one situation or another. I especially like the thought that maybe Omar S. L’Rennee and Aaron Fit watched Drive together and it inspired them to make the AOL Remix.

More info on the New Beat night can be found here

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So You Gotta Sleep In It


My words return to these pages because amidst all the advance copies of albums from Omaha based folk acts I will never listen to or some 17 year old’s tarp edit of Wacka Flocka or a EDM remix of Daft Punk (you get the picture) that clogged up the already creaking Slutty Fringe inbox last week (22,000 unread and counting) there was some actual music that made me think “I’d definitely drop some words on this band if I still could be bothered writing on Slutty Fringe.”

That made me feel sad to flippantly dismiss my own creation, so here they are, words from my fingers primed to describe the sounds of Unmade Bed.

Allegedly a trio whose existence began in a one room flat behind a Sheffield sex shop, driven by a former Long Blondes member and lead by Hannah, South Yorkshire’s answer to Ida No. Holding an album’s worth of material recorded in a week on some cruddy gear, Unmade Bed make all the right noises, with Hannah’s playful vocal intonation justifiying the band’s citation of Glass Candy and early Madonna as inspiration alongside nascent Chicago House and the Ze Records catalogue.

“Baby, Please Come Home” is particularly fine, sounding like it’s been recorded on malfunctioning tape from the bottom of a well on the outskirts of Sheffield with the vocal riding a marauding synth stomp that tries it’s best to escape the generally murky surroundings.

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New video for Scuba’s NE1BUTU, and depending on how old you are you’ll either piss yourself laughing and start dancing around the room or stare at this blankly and wonder what’s so funny (apart from the obvious) about a video of Super Super readers probably filmed in Peckham.

Now can someone just find me Antoine De Caunes number as I have a great idea for a Waze & Odyssey video…

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Lost and Found


It’s new release season on Body Work and this time it’s the turn of London producer Firas. One half of both Caze Nove and Waze & Odyssey, Firas steps out on his own for a two track release that’s getting support from the likes of Rory Philips, Disco Bloodbath and more.

You can stream both track below and as an added bonus we’re also giving away Firas’ Cassie rebuild that has been a huge hit the past few months with everyone from Switch to Horse Meat Disco to Hannah Holland playing out.

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Cream Dream


Having brought some much needed sunshine into our lives via the blissed out Sunburn EP, Baio is now raising the game with this video for the EP’s lead track Sunburn Modern.

Directed by Aramique it’s one for all doll fetishists out there, annoyingly I can’t think what the actual term for that is, fairly ridiculous when you consider how much Sexcetera I’ve watched over the years.

The Sunburn EP is out now via Greco-Roman, buy it here.

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Love Will Keep Us Together


Those with a keen ear for bumping New Jersey flavoured house/garage should already be well versed on all things Waze & Odyssey, the mysterious duo appearing as if from nowhere earlier this year and hitting clubs hard with a series of EPs on labels like Southern Fried, Wolf Music, Sccucci Manucci and my own Body Work label.

Throw in remixes for the likes of Damon Martin (Disco Bloodbath), Dan Le Sac, Bicep and Disclosure and W&O have been shaping up to be one of the year’s breakthrough talents, compared by DJ Mag to Azari & III.

Well now they’ve launched their own vinyl only label W&O Street Tracks and finally come out of the disco closet revealing themselves to be none other than London based producers Firas Waez and Serge Santiago. The debut release on their new label is the massive 2 tracker ‘Love That (Burns Hot Enough)’ b/w ‘Ma Body’ and you can stream both below now.

That won’t be out till late summer/early autumn but if you’re feeling impatient never fear as there’s a Firas solo EP out at the end of June, swiftly to be followed by another Waze & Odyssey EP in July both on Body Work. It’s going to be a summer of shuffling.

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Diamond Nights


Whilst we batten down the hatches and prepare for an extended weekend of forelock tugging and general Royal family related hogshit we can take comfort in two things.

Firstly the UK will be awash with bunting, and if there’s one thing i like it’s a bit of bunting. Secondly to celebrate our feudal peasant like existence our gracious bollock headed overlord has granted us, the rabble, an extra day to engage in the UK’s chief national past time, getting hammered.

Throw in the good weather and it’s going to be a bloodbath on the streets of London as banter spewing V-necked t-shirt wearing lads, bum fluffed hipsters and hordes of rampaging topless fat men come together in a cooking lager fuelled celebration of ‘her maj’.

With the latter’s flabby, sun burned moobs alone an afront to god and nature that will surely not go unpunished, Slutty Fringe will be doing the only sensible thing, staying off the streets altogether and heading underground to The Nest where we will be spinning records on Sunday alongside one of our favourite ever producers and DJs Hans Peter Lindstrøm.

We’ll be heating up the dancefloor from 11, and alongside the aforementioned Mr Lindstrøm will also be sharing a booth with the likes of Ronika and Mighty Mouse, whose recent Prince re-edit has been appearing all over the internet, and now here.

The party kicks off at 8pm and goes on till 4am, for more info check out The Nest’s website or Facebook.

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